8 of 10 Likely Pennsylvania Voters – Across All Political Affiliations – Believe Nuclear Energy is Critical to Maintaining Energy Security in the U.S.

HARRISBURG, PA (June 21, 2022) – As leaders from America’s nuclear industry gather in our nation’s capital for the 2022 Nuclear Energy Assembly, new survey results released today by Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania details strong bipartisan support for policies that support the continued operation of Pennsylvania’s four nuclear plants to help ensure global energy independence, and for their role in helping to achieve the state’s carbon-reduction goals. The survey of 701 likely Pennsylvania voters was conducted in May 2022 by Susquehanna Polling and Research. 

“For a purple state like Pennsylvania, that is as divided politically as just about any state in the nation, it is exceedingly rare to see results like these– and underscores just how much Pennsylvania voters support nuclear energy,” said Jim Lee, President, Susquehanna Polling and Research. “When asked if they agreed that policies that help support the continued operation of Pennsylvania’s nuclear plants play an important role in energy independence – particularly in light of the war in Ukraine – an overwhelming 84% said yes. Nearly as many (80%) believe it is important to preserve Pennsylvania’s nuclear energy plants to help achieve the state’s carbon-reduction goals. Virtually all Pennsylvanians – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – support nuclear energy for these reasons.” 

With four nuclear plants in operation across Pennsylvania, nuclear power remains an indispensable part of Pennsylvania’s energy mix. Consider that nuclear power in Pennsylvania: 

  • Accounts for 34% of total energy production
  • Represents 91% of the state’s carbon-free electricity
  • Contributes $2 billion to the state’s GDP, supporting more than 15,000 jobs

“Pennsylvanians want cleaner air and they want energy security – both of which are provided by reliable, around-the-clock, clean nuclear power,” said Steve Aaron, manager, Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania. “Maintaining a diversified energy portfolio is critical to improving Pennsylvania’s economy, protecting the environment and ensuring a resilient electric system. It’s gratifying to see such overwhelming support for nuclear power from our fellow Pennsylvanians.”   

Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania is a statewide coalition that works to educate all Pennsylvanians about the economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy and the industry’s positive impact on local communities throughout the Keystone State. Join our thousands of friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter at @nuclearpowersPA and online at www.nuclearpowerspennsylvania.com.

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