Why Nuclear?

Why is nuclear power essential to Pennsylvania?

Nuclear power is clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity that generates economic and environmental benefits for everyone. Schools, shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, community centers and homes benefit from the dependability that nuclear energy provides for daily living.

Nuclear power is an indispensable part of Pennsylvaniaā€™s energy mix, which also includes natural gas, coal and renewables. Maintaining a diversified energy portfolio is critical to improving the economy, protecting the environment and ensuring a resilient electric system. Closing any one of these plants would have devastating effects on the Commonwealthā€™s economy, environment,Ā and future competitiveness.

What type of presence does nuclear energy have in Pennsylvania?

The nuclear energy industry has a long and rich history in Pennsylvania. Civil nuclear energy in the United States originates in Shippingport, Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth today has the second largest nuclear power generation capacity in the country. The operations of Pennsylvaniaā€™s eight nuclear reactors generate 32% of the stateā€™s total electricity. Unfortunately, Unit 1 of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant closed prematurely in 2019 due to inaction by policymakers who failed to recognize the many benefits of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania is working every day to educate those policymakers in order to maintain the rest of the stateā€™s vibrant and productive nuclear fleet.