Pennsylvania’s economy relies on diversified energy sources.

Pennsylvanians deserve reliable, “always on” electricity for their homes and businesses. That requires a diverse energy mix. Because they have between 18 to 24 months of fuel on site, nuclear energy plants provide vital resiliency to the grid and can withstand extreme circumstances such as severe weather and events that disrupt fuel delivery.

Nuclear power is responsible for 34 percent of Pennsylvania’s electricity, representing part of a diverse generating mix that helps keep electricity prices stable and ensures that consumers are not overly reliant on just one or two sources of electricity.

Pennsylvania is home to eight nuclear reactors. These facilities are highly efficient, producing power more than 93 percent of the time over the past three years. These nuclear energy facilities safely produce electricity, while generating zero carbon. Continuously upgraded with the latest technologies, these state-of-the-art plants generate energy continuously – even in rough weather – helping to ensure reliable power for Pennsylvania.

America’s nuclear energy facilities are among the safest and most secure industrial facilities in the world.

  • The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates and monitors plant performance in three areas: reactor safety, radiation safety, and security.
  • After more than half a century of commercial nuclear energy production in the United States, there have been no radiation-related health effects linked to the operation of nuclear energy facilities.1
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