Keep Powering Pennsylvania

The "Keep Powering Pennsylvania Act" would correct a flaw in the state's energy market and properly value nuclear power.


In the coming weeks, state lawmakers will have an important decision to make: take immediate action to properly value nuclear power in Pennsylvania, or allow the economic and environmental benefits it provides to disappear.

Bipartisan legislation known as the “Keep Powering Pennsylvania Act” has been introduced in the state Senate (SB510) and House of Representatives (HB11) to reform an existing law called the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS).

The AEPS was designed to foster economic development and encourage reliance on more diverse and environmentally friendly sources of energy, yet excludes the one source of energy – nuclear power – that provides 93 percent of the Commonwealth’s zero-carbon electricity.

Failure to address this flaw in our state’s energy market could cost Pennsylvanians an estimated $4.6 billion annually, including:

  • $788 million in electricity cost increases
  • $2 billion in lost state GDP
  • $1.6 billion in carbon emissions-related costs
  • $260 million in costs associated with harmful emissions

Click here to contact your state legislators and tell them to support the Keep Powering Pennsylvania Act.

Want to learn more about the Keep Powering Pennsylvania Act?

  • Check out our factsheet on the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS).
  • Visit State Senator Ryan Aument’s website to learn more about Senate Bill 510.
  • Visit State Representative Tom Mehaffie’s website here, which has more information on House Bill 11.
  • Download a copy of the Bicameral Nuclear Energy Caucus Report at the bottom of this page, which first proposed the AEPS approach to properly valuing nuclear power.
  • Check out our “Nuclear in the News” page with media coverage and editorials focused on this important issue.
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