Local Governments in Southwest PA Show Support for Nuclear Energy; Pass Resolutions Recognizing Nuclear’s Contributions to the Keystone State

HARRISBURG (March 20, 2019) – Recognizing the many benefits provided by Pennsylvania’s five nuclear power plants, Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania (NPP) today announced that a combination of nine counties, townships and boroughs in Southwest Pennsylvania have passed resolutions in support of nuclear energy. They include: Beaver County; Butler County; Somerset County; Chippewa Township; East Rochester Borough; Midland Borough; Ohioville Borough; Rochester Borough; and Shippingport Borough.

“We are thrilled at the outpouring of support from these communities across Southwestern PA,” said Co-Chair of NPP Martin Williams. “Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants generate a lot more than just clean energy. They support family-sustaining jobs, are economic drivers for our communities, and keep electricity prices stable. The response that we’ve seen from these communities shows that there is widespread understanding of their tremendous value, and a strong desire to keep these plants as part of our diverse energy portfolio and our economy.”

Nuclear energy accounts for more of Pennsylvania’s electricity than any other source. Additionally, the state’s five nuclear energy facilities produce 93 percent of Pennsylvania’s carbon-free electricity. These facilities directly employ more than 4,900 highly-skilled workers, indirectly account for approximately 16,000 jobs and contribute $2 billion annually to the state’s economy.

NPP has attracted thousands of members who have signed up to show support for properly valuing Pennsylvania’s nuclear energy. The members include a diverse collection of local business, labor, environmental, education, civic and elected leaders who have come together to support the continued operation of the five nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania.

“Here in Midland Borough, we know how important nuclear energy is for reliable electricity, the environment and local economies,” said Midland Borough Council member Dan Onuska. “We know firsthand what the benefits are and we know exactly what the effects will be if these plants are allowed to close.”

“With the roll-out of House Bill 11, the “Keep Powering Pennsylvania Act” in the legislature just last week, we’re very encouraged by the increased support that grows every day for getting something done to keep these plants open,” added Williams.

About Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s nuclear energy industry provides millions of families and businesses with safe, reliable and carbon-free electricity. Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania is a statewide coalition that works to educate all Pennsylvanians about the economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy and the industry’s positive impact on local communities throughout the Keystone State.

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