New PJM Report Finds Retaining PA and Ohio’s At-Risk, Zero-Emission Nuclear Plants Would Improve Environment and Save Consumers Billions

HARRISBURG (June 10, 2019) – A new report from PJM Interconnection confirms that the least expensive way to maintain environmental progress is to preserve existing zero-emission nuclear plants and replace carbon-intensive coal generation with generation from renewables and natural gas. The findings, in a PJM report in response to the PA Public Utility Commission and Ohio Consumers’ Counsel requests to analyze certain impacts of nuclear power plant retirements, is consistent with the conclusions reached in multiple studies by academic experts, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Third Way and independent consulting firms.

“The bottom line in the new PJM report is that retaining Pennsylvania and Ohio’s at-risk, zero-emission nuclear plants provides significant environmental improvements while saving consumers billions of dollars,” said NPP Co-Chair Martin Williams. “These are messages our coalition has consistently been sharing with Pennsylvanians, and so we are glad to see that PJM has joined other voices in affirming this point of view. We look forward to sharing these findings with state lawmakers as we continue to work toward a legislative solution that properly values nuclear energy for its economic and environmental attributes.”

Williams notes that the PJM analysis shows that preventing the premature retirement of nuclear generation will provide consumers with significantly more electricity cost savings and emissions reductions as compared to the report’s ‘base case’ scenario where nuclear plants are forced to move forward with early retirement.

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