NPP Newsletter: Two Former PA Governors Testify in Support of Nuclear Energy in PA

Hello friends,

This week saw two former Pennsylvania governors – one Republican and one Democrat – declare their support for adding nuclear energy to Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS).

On Monday, Gov. Tom Ridge, who led the state effort to open competitive electricity markets in the 1990s, appeared before the House Consumer Affairs Committee in support of the “Keep Powering Pennsylvania Act” (House Bill 11). Gov. Ridge told lawmakers:

“Pennsylvania has control over its energy future…. [HB11] can further the objectives of the state – a future of clean, reliable energy, continued status as a net power exporter, and preservation of thousands of family-sustaining jobs.” 

Click here for a video of Monday’s hearing and for links to each of the panelist’s testimony.


Yesterday, Gov. Ed Rendell also voiced his support for legislation proposed to amend the AEPS – legislation that he helped pass in 2004 with bipartisan support in the General Assembly.

In addition to submitting written testimony to the Senate Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure Committee for its public hearing on Senate Bill 510, Gov. Rendell had an op-ed published by the Philadelphia Inquirer urging support for legislation. He wrote that:

“…[I]f I knew in 2004 what I know now about global warming and climate change, I would have certainly included nuclear power as a qualifying energy resource under AEPS.” (read more here)

Two former governors from different ideological backgrounds – each with their own remarkable legacy on energy policy in Pennsylvania – are united on this issue, and stand with our coalition to support pro-nuclear legislation.

We encourage you to continue reaching out to your state legislators to remind them about the importance of nuclear power in Pennsylvania. Together, and only with your support and continued advocacy, can we ensure this important legislation is passed to properly value nuclear power in PA.

Thank you!