Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania Applauds Nuclear Energy Caucus Report as a ‘Critical Step Forward’ in Properly Valuing Nuclear Energy in PA


Caucus was established to promote nuclear energy as a clean, safe, reliable and affordable source of electricity that powers Pennsylvania and achieves important environmental goals


MIDDLETOWN, PA – Leaders of Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania today applauded the release of a much-anticipated report from the state legislature’s Nuclear Energy Caucus that details possible policy solutions that would properly value the contributions of nuclear energy and avoid the premature closure of nuclear plants in the state. Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania (NPP) a statewide coalition that works to educate all Pennsylvanians about the many benefits of nuclear energy, attended an event hosted by the Caucus in the heart of Middletown – one of the communities that would be devastated by such a closure.

“This bipartisan Nuclear Energy Caucus is the first such caucus anywhere in the United States – and the release of this report is a critical step forward for the 16,000 men and women whose livelihoods rely on Pennsylvania’s nuclear industry,” said Martin Williams, NPP Co-Chair and Business Manager of Boilermakers Local 13 in Philadelphia. “The members of my union and of this coalition would like to see our state government properly recognize the clean-air attributes of nuclear energy and level the playing field with other clean technologies, like wind and solar. By creating this report and now sharing it with their colleagues in the state House and Senate, along with Gov. Wolf, it is our hope it will set us on a path toward identifying solutions that will protect thousands of good-paying jobs and keep the air we breathe clean.”

NPP thanked Caucus leadership, including Co-Chairs, Senators Ryan Aument and John Yudichak, and Representatives Becky Corbin and Rob Matzie. In total, nearly 80 lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats alike, from both the House and Senate, are members of the Nuclear Energy Caucus.

“Over the course of the five hearings held by the Caucus, members heard from many expert witnesses who detailed the economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy and the industry’s positive impact on local communities throughout the Keystone State,” said Fred Gaffney, NPP Co-Chair and President of the Columbia/Montour Chamber of Commerce. “We know that nuclear power is an indispensable part of Pennsylvania’s energy mix. It’s clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Schools, shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, community centers and homes benefit from the dependability that nuclear energy provides for daily living in Pennsylvania. We encourage all lawmakers to read the Caucus report and to recognize the tremendous value of nuclear energy across the state.”

Pennsylvania today ranks second in the nation for nuclear power generating capacity, owed to a long tradition of nuclear energy leadership and technological innovation. Nuclear energy is the single greatest contributor to Pennsylvania’s energy generation portfolio, representing 42% of the mix, while accounting for more than 90% of the Commonwealth’s clean power. However, that production is threatened with news that at least two of Pennsylvania’s five nuclear plants are preparing for premature closure without a legislative remedy. Three Mile Island in Dauphin County and Beaver Valley in Beaver County are slated for closure in 2019 and 2021, respectively. According to an April 2018 report from The Brattle Group, should those two plants close, along with two nuclear plants slated for closure in Ohio, it would reverse environmental benefits equal to 25 years of wind and solar development.

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Pennsylvania’s nuclear energy industry provides millions of families and businesses with safe, reliable and carbon-free electricity. Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania is a statewide coalition that works to educate all Pennsylvanians about the economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy and the industry’s positive impact on local communities throughout the Keystone State.

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